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statement-jewellery-28-09-12Priscilla Poon is a professional fashion expert with over 13 years of experience in Fashion buying, styling and grooming based in central London. This week she looks at how to make a statement with jewellery.

If you ask anyone that knows me they would often say, “she’s always making a statement! Ok, I AM talkative and I’m a lady that has an opinion but they are in fact referring to my jewellery.

Let’s firstly clarify what is “Statement Jewellery”?

As the name suggests, it’s any bold piece of jewellery designed to make a powerful statement. To wear a statement piece of jewellery, choose one key piece: a necklace, earrings or a bracelet. By wearing the one key piece, it can be the main focus of your complete look to make the ultimate statement.

Accessories are fun to wear! They’re like the icing on the cake for a stylish outfit. If you keep the following rules in mind when it comes to selecting your jewellery you’ll be making a stylish statement with ease.

Stick to one item

The best thing about statement jewelry is that it only takes one piece to make your whole outfit stand out. Whether you opt to wear a bib necklace or a detailed, chunky bracelet, the idea of wearing a bold piece of jewellery is all about how simple you keep it. Try and focus on one part of your outfit to wear the item. If you want your neck to stand-out, then keep your hands and wrists simple by only wearing light bracelets that won’t overpower the main attraction.

Mix it up

The more “Avant garde” and unique the jewellery is, the better it is when it comes to making a statement. Try different sizes of accessories ranging from – sometimes even small gems can have a big overwhelming effect. Keep your eyes out for jewelry that has different textures such as rhinestones or bumpy stones.

Use colour

For anyone that might panic at the idea of wearing any jewellery other than gold or silver. Start by choosing a small multi-colour piece, like a cocktail ring or a bracelet, and when you become more comfortable wearing bold colours you can gradually start investing in other colourful jewellery.

Match to compliment you outfit 

Although the jewellery itself doesn’t have to be the same colour as your outfit, it’s important that it goes with your look and style. If you want to wear several pieces of statement jewelry together, think about location of the piece and style. A cuff and cocktail ring might be too much together, but some chandelier earrings and that same cuff would work. If two pieces are made of similar metal, generally they will pair well together. Just make sure the stones or detailing coordinate as well. A statement piece of jewellery is also a great way to dress up a casual look, make an old outfit look new and a clever way to project your personality and individual style.

Remember the key to wearing statement jewelry is to be confident! Wear it with a great attitude and you’ll look amazing…

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About the author

Priscilla Poon is a professional fashion expert with over 13 years of experience in Fashion buying, styling and grooming based in Central London. She is the founder of Shikkuu Guides, a London personal shopping and image consultancy company. Priscilla’s aim is to create a wonderful experience for everyone at very affordable prices. ‘We have styled and educated men and women of every size, shape, age and style to give them confidence and understanding on how to look amazing and put “their best foot forward” as well as offering a world class service to all our clients,’ she says. Priscilla is a member of the Association of Stylists and Image Professionals.

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