The Fashionista: To shellac or not to Shellac, that is the question?

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nail manicure 16 2 12Priscilla Poon is a professional fashion expert with over 13 years of experience. In her first blog for at home, she nails the new manicure craze of Shellac.

One of life’s little luxuries is to go for a manicure. You get to sit and relax in a massage chair while someone dedicates 60 minutes to preening; polishing and making your nails look gorgeous.

Unfortunately, the little luxury adds up to a big expense as manicures don’t tend to last very long and after forking out £30-£50 it’s rather annoying that you only get two or three days of chip-free nails. As a last resort you might even try rubbing cuticle oil on each nail, adding a topcoat every second day, but to no avail.

All this became a thing of the past as Shellac Nails came onto the market. Shellac, Gelration or Gelish nails are a new revelation in the nail world. A cross between traditional nail polish and gels, it gets applied like regular nail polish, but dries like a gel. What you get is a high gloss shine that lasts for approximately 14-20 days and is removed in minutes with no damage to nail. The great thing about it is the dry time is immediate. As each coat is painted on, you place your hand under a UV lamp for a couple of minutes each setting the polish. No more hanging around the salon or worrying that you’ll bump your newly painted nails.

There is a wide variety of colours and brands to choose from and if you’re quite adept with the nail polish, there are home kits that can now be purchased online. Prices vary from £35-£60, which is just as competitive as a normal manicure and polish.

Some people may like the frequency of having their nail colours changed every couple of days, but I would definitely prefer getting a gel polish for a super gloss, smudge proof nail!

About the author
Priscilla Poon is a professional fashion expert with over 13 years of experience in Fashion buying, styling and grooming based in Central London. She is the founder of Shikkuu Guides, a London personal shopping and image consultancy company. Priscilla’s aim is to create a wonderful experience for everyone at very affordable prices. ‘We have styled and educated men and women of every size, shape, age and style to give them confidence and understanding on how to look amazing and put “their best foot forward” as well as offering a world class service to all our clients,’ she says. Priscilla is a member of the Association of Stylists and Image Professionals.

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