The most embarrassing things Dads do

By Ellyn Peratikou

It is a universal fact that at various points throughout their lives, parents will embarrass their kids. Whether it’s the dodgy dancing, dreadful jokes or just plain awkward comments, we’ve all been there. A recent survey found that an overwhelming 88% of teenagers are regularly left red-faced by their folks — with fathers the worst offenders (but of course!)

We asked around and came up with the most embarrassing things dads do:

1. Dad dancing/singing

You’ve got to hand it to him, if your dad is confident enough to get up and Vogue during a wedding, he must be pretty great. Although sometimes the hip thrusting and leg twisting can be a bit too much to bear. If you see him grab the microphone from the DJ, that’s definitely your cue to a) run away and never return or b) find another Father to adopt you for the evening.

2. Telling inappropriate stories

Someone should let our Dads know that there’s never a good time to tell you where you were conceived, especially if it’s during his speech at your 30th birthday.

3. Putting on an accent when talking to a foreigner

Possibly the most cringe-tastic trait of them all. For some reason, unbeknownst to us, fathers seems to be of the thinking that foreigners will understand them a whole lot more if they put on a ridiculous accent, a la Steve Maclaren, whilst talking to them. We’re sure it makes things worse!

4. Wear ridiculous clothing

Who was it that said Dad’s couldn’t be fashionable? If corduroy trousers and dodgy jumpers weren’t bad enough, we’ve also got to contend with the novelty socks and tie combo!

 5. Cracking those awful ‘dad jokes’.

It doesn’t matter where, when, to whom they are told; Dad jokes will never be funny. Ever. But no matter how painful they are for us to hear, our Dad’s will always find great pleasure in telling these dreadful jokes. here are a few of our favourites:

  •  When driving past a cemetery: “You know that is the dead center of town, people are dying to get in there!”
  • “Dad I’m hungry. Hi hungry, I’m Dad.”
  • When seeing an attractive woman on TV – “Ah, she’s got a nice set of… teeth!”
  • While shopping at the supermarket “You can’t beat and egg but you can beet a root!”

And the harder parents try to get ‘down with the kids’, the more miserably they fail — with ill-fated attempts to master modern technology, befriending your children on Facebook and trying to dress trendy also making the top 10 no-nos – but 16-year-old Rain Price’s father Dale, takes the crown for the Worlds Most Embarrassing Dad. For the past 170 days, Dale has dressed in elaborate costumes including, Princess Leia, a mermaid and a pirate, to wave his son off to school in style! 

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