How to accessorise your staircase

By Ellyn Peratikou

These simple beaded pendants will add a delicate touch of colour and texture to your staircase. Choose the beads and string according to the materials and colours of your staircase. We used brown string with natural and coloured wooden beads to add warmth to our glossy white staircase. Try glass or acrylic beads on a natural wood staircase, or mix beads of different materials. Choose a range of tones in one colour, or use soft tones accented with a few vibrant colours.


  • Tape measure.
  • Scissors.
  • Small tacks or pins.
  • Beads in different sizes and colours (12-20 per pendant).
  • String.

1 – Before you start, measure one of the spindles of your staircase.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 2

2 – Cut pieces of string, 10-12cm shorter than the spindles. You can decorate as many of the gaps as you want. We suggest around 4 pendants for each flight of stairs for a more elegant look.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 3

3 – Tie a few knots on top of one another, at one of the ends of each piece of string so the beads don’t get through.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 7

4 – Separate the beads into groups – as many as pieces of string. Make sure each group of beads has varied colours and sizes. Around 12 to 20 beads per pendant should be enough.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 6

5 – String between 3 to 12 beads of different colours and sizes. Tie a few knots 5 to 25 cm away from the last bead you strung.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 9

6 – Repeat step 5 twice, varying the number of beads each time, as well as the distance between each group. You should end up with two or three separate groups of beads on your pendant.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 10

7 – Tie a couple of knots at the open end of the pendant. Pass your pin through the knots.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 8

8 – Secure the pendant to the underside of the banister with the pin, ensuring it is in the centre of the gap.

DeCasa Beeny's How To 5

9 – To achieve a light graceful look, each pendant should be different. So try not to worry about being very symmetrical with the grouping and distances. If you are not too sure about the numbers and distances, below is an example for a set of four pendants.

1 – 5 beads – 8cm – 8 beads – 7cm – 3 beads

2 – 1 bead – 21 cm – 9 beads – 10 cm – 3 beads

3 – 6 beads – 12 cm – 10 beads – 8cm – 4 beads

4 – 11 beads – 25 cm – 4 beads

About the author

Laura Morales is the co-owner of DeCasa Limited Editions.  A Colombian industrial designer, she has been living in the UK since 2006. Her love for a well accessorised home is the driving force behind her experiments in combining materials and techniques, textures and colours. Her sources of inspiration include tattoos, illustration and urban life. You can find a couple more of her cleverly simple DIY projects on DeCasa’s blog.

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