The top 3 health retreats for 2016

By Jade Harding

Kickstart the year by booking onto one of these fantastic health retreat experiences…

Many of us spend our break away over indulging on food and cocktails, relaxing by the pool and dancing the nights away, so it’s no surprise we feel like we need a holiday to recover from the holiday – but not with these destinations.

From enhancing your mood in a Spanish retreat to finding your inner calm at an Indian yoga resort, these trips will revitalise and rejuvenate your body and mind.

We run down the top 3 health resorts for you to visit in 2016…

LeDomaine’s ‘Spa Sommelie’ in Spain

The spa at Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine, El Santuario, introduced the breakthrough spa concept of a bespoke Vinotherapy Method – where the key to success is the implementation by a highly specialised professional, the spa sommelier.

The spa sommelier’s mission is to create a completely personalised wellness experience for each guest, and this is achieved based on ‘blind tasting’.

Guests are given a selection of oils to smell and wines to taste, and depending on their palette and aroma preferences, the Spa Sommelier recommends and designs the appropriate spa experience to target their physical and spiritual needs at that specific moment in their wellness journey. For guests who do not drink alcohol, the wines are replaced with hot teas in winter and cold grape juices in summer that have the required characteristics to determine a wellness plan. The Spa Sommelier delivers an unprecedented level of customization based on this unique Vinotherapy Method.

The Vinotherapy concept draws from: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy and a Wine-tasting Ritual.

Another key element is connecting and integrating the spa-goer with the location, a medieval estate and winery in Spain’s Duero Valley, and offering guests an authentic experience. This is achieved by applying locally grown and produced ingredients – wines from the Abadia Retuerta vineyards – to the treatment process.

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Bliss Sanctuary for women in Bali

Founded by Australian businesswoman, Zoë Watson, Bliss Sanctuary was born out of a vision to help women discover their own version of Bliss. This one-of-a-kind haven of tranquillity is dedicated to the empowerment of time-poor and stressed women who seldom put themselves first. The Bliss philosophy is underpinned by a desire to make the experience precisely what you need it to be; whether you want to immerse yourself in Balinese culture, indulge in spa treatments, or simply take some time out with our specialist yoga partners to reinvigorate your tired body.

All rooms have their own bathroom and Bali Bliss toiletries. Nestled amongst idyllic rice paddies and just a five minute stroll from the beach, the villas offer a unique Balinese experience with all your modern comforts, including a sparkling pool, oversized beds, daily massages and your very own personal driver to collect you from the airport. Our talented chefs delight in cooking a huge array of moreish Balinese and Western dishes for you to enjoy in sumptuous surroundings.

Bliss Sanctuary is the perfect escape for women who want to travel unaccompanied to a sanctum of relaxation with no couples, kids and only a handful of women at one time, without feeling isolated or alone.

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Shreyas Silent Retreat India

Dedicated to promoting an authentic spiritual tradition of Yoga, Shreyas Retreat offers one of  the  best  Silent  Retreat  experiences  in  India designed  to help  you check in with how you really feel, and really listen to what’s going on inside you. The experience may seem daunting at first but the potential benefits of doing this (even just once in your life) can be endless…

  • Eating without talking improves your digestion. You can finally take the time to enjoy your  food, chew slowly and be more mindful.
  • Silent  communication: by  communicating  without  words  there’s  no  room  for  pointless  questions leaving your mind calm and more focused on the task of self­ enquiry ­
  • Being  silent  makes  you  acutely  aware  of  your  emotional  state. A  silent retreat  can  be  a roller­coaster of emotions: by being quiet you are giving our mind and body the time  they need to release any emotions that have been drowned out by noise for so long.
  • You are giving your throat and vocal cords a good and well­ deserved rest; your voice will  sound a lot clearer and brighter just after a couple of days of silence.
  • You’ll come out of the retreat feeling a lot calmer and more centred. You’ll feel like your  head has been dusted from the inside.

During  your  five day  Silent  retreat  at  Shreyas  you  will  be  fully  supported  by  the  team  of  dedicated yoga  instructors, Ayurvedic therapists and  highly  skilled  chefs. Twice  daily yoga  lessons are included  to  help  you release  any  tension  from  the  body  and  focus  on  dealing  with any emotions that crop up.   

Add to that beautiful gardens, a turquoise pool, fresh flowers in your room, and a peaceful  setting, and you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about in the first place.  

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