Things men do that women hate

By Ellyn Peratikou

Seeing as ‘things women do that men hate’ caused such a stir, mainly due to people lacking in the sense of humour department, we decided to flip the switch on this one. This time we have listed all the things men do that women hate. Please understand, we’re not complaining about men, we have accepted their strange and weird ways, and are looking at it in a humorous way. So try not to get offended guys!

1. ‘Man Flu’

This is without a doubt the most irritating of all because as we’re all aware, Man Flu does not exist, despite their best efforts to try and convince you otherwise. I think many women with partners will sympathise with each other on this one and accept that we will never really understand why men can’t get ill without insisting to us that they’re dying a slow and painful death.

2. Selective listening

Admittedly, sometimes we might say things that our men don’t particularly want to hear. So instead they have cleverly mastered the technique of selective hearing. This means that they can pick out whatever they like the sound of and ignore the rest.

3. Shavings in the sink

Now, if you’re a woman guilty of shaving your legs and leaving the remnants for all to see you can’t be surprised when you get the same back. A quick wash of the sink never hurt anyone!

4. Flatulence

Passing wind may be necessary sometimes, but that doesn’t stop it being disgusting. All we’re saying is, there’s a time and a place, and that place is not on the sofa while we’re catching up on Eastenders.

5. Staying silent during an argument

Many women may think this is actually pretty fantastic, but a lot of the time we would prefer you to speak up believe it or not. It’s far more frustrating when you accept defeat instead of addressing the issue at hand.

6. Leaving a mess

Wet towels on the bed, dirty clothes on the floor in the bathroom, filthy plates in the kitchen, the list is endless! Just don’t get us started on the mess in the toilet…

7. Putting friends first

While it’s important to give each other space in a relationship, no one wants their partners disappearing every night to go out with ‘the boys.’ Of course, this depends on how much you can’t stand each other, in which case you might quite appreciate it.

8. Forgetting important dates

By important dates, we mean birthdays, anniversaries and the such. They will however, be forgiven for ignoring the anniversary of the first time you went ice skating together, or your first cinema date.

9. Refusing to take initiative

For example, seeing a mess and doing nothing about it is sometimes even worse than making the mess in the first place!

10. And finally…. lack of sexual endurance.

Don’t act like you weren’t thinking it.

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