Too expensive to exercise? Not if you do it the easy green way.

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womensjams2January is usually the time that many of us, myself included, vow to lose the weight that we had ‘acquired’ over the festive period. However, according to a recent survey, many of us are shunning the gym because we simply can’t afford it.

According to a survey for the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), almost a third of Britons said that the cost of gyms and leisure centres prevent them from being more physically active.

Obviously, this is a concern because there is convincing evidence that regular physical activity reduces the risk of cancer. This is why WCRF recommends that people are physically active for at least half an hour a day.
Dr Rachel Thompson, deputy head of science at WCRF, said: ‘It is a concern that so many people feel that financial cost is stopping them being more physically active.’
‘Particularly in these economically difficult times, it is important for us to get the message across that being physically active does not have to mean signing up at expensive gyms or leisure centres. There are plenty of ways of being active that are either free or do not cost much.’

Of course, outdoor activities such as running, walking and skipping are all free of charge and eco-friendly , but what if you want something a little more challenging, well how about Parkour?

Parkour (or Freerunning, as it is also known) is a training method which sees its participants, ‘traceurs’, moving through their natural and urban environment with speed and efficiency. Using no special equipment, Parkour includes movements such as vaulting, running, climbing and jumping and is not only a highly skilled sport, it is a stimulating workout for both body and mind.

Excellent’, I can hear you saying, ‘that is great, but I’m not a young guy with oodles of energy and nerves of steel!’ Yes, I know you are not, neither am I. That’s why I was really thrilled to hear that Parkour experts Parkour Generations run beginner classes for women of all ages.

Suitable for beginners to the more experienced, the all-female classes include a broad structure of warm up, technical training, strength conditioning and warm-down. Taking place in a variety of locations across London, the friendly classes ensure that you work on different things every time. Want to find out more, check out their website here for further information,

Another great way to keep your healthy living costs down and minimise your carbon footprint is to invest in a reusable water bottle. But rather than just any old water bottle, why don’t you grab yourself a reusable water bottle which guarantees an endless supply of free drinking water. , is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness of the damaging effects of bottled water on our environment, by developing a network of refilling stations across the country.

Using the profits from the sale of their stylish, reusable Lifebottles, are working with establishments across the country to make free tap water easily available, as well as providing mains-fed water machines at educational establishments.

So you’ve got your Lifebottle, now to find the free water. Simple, just head over to their website and type in your location or postcode and a map will indicate your closest fill-up station.

But what if you’re out and about? No worries, Tapwater also have an app for your phone, so you will always know where you can get your next free tapwater top-up from.

So there you have it, outdoor exercise which doesn’t cost the earth and unlimited water that won’t cost you a penny. Like the best things in life, healthy exercise can be free!

What easy green and free exercise do you enjoy (keep it clean)? Have you got any eco-friendly, money-saving tips for keeping fit and healthy that you’d like to share? If yes, I’d love to hear them. Until next time …

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