Top 5 tips on how to walk in your Christmas party heels

By Pippa Thompson

On the 12th day of Christmas your true love gave to you… a gorgeous pair of new Jimmy Choos. But then the panic sets in, and a social anxiety fills you with the image of your grand entrance to the staff christmas party ending in you and your four inches in a dishevelled heap on the floor. That is not the ideal glamourous wrap to your year that you had wished for.

To save some embarrassment and hopefully some pain, here are AtHome magazine’s top 5 tips on how to walk like a pro in high heels:


1 – Posture

Engaging your core muscles will take some of the weight from your feet and give you some control with your movement. Relax the hips and knees to give you fluidity in your glide over to the free buffet. Leading with your chest forward instead of your nose will stop you looking masculine and will realign your neck back over your spine for poise and balance. Spreading your toes will also help distribute some weight.


2- Step

Stepping the heel before the toe for a split second will take the impact off of the ball of your foot and into the leg – giving you some vital longevity on the dance floor. However if this feels too unnatural and equestrian, try smaller steps with your ball and heel evenly, which will also protect your tired ankles twisting.


3- Practice

Dancing and walking in your heels at home will break them in and stretch any stiff areas that may rub and become uncomfortable. This would also be a good chance to tackle the dreaded descent of the stairs if you have some, and also a valuable lesson time to get used to walking that invisible bee line to the free bar.


4- Cheat

Some invisible cushioning and support could be your number one must have accessory this party season. Some gel inserts In the balls of your feet or behind the heels (or both!) will keep that wincing pain at bay long enough to let you cause some mischief with your work friends. It’s at your discretion which option will be the safest for you. A quick scuff on the base of the shoe with some sandpaper or a key will stop any slipping (unless it’s red a sole, in which case just brace yourself appropriately).


5 – Attitude

Catwalk choreographer Sophie Smith knows that a sassy confidence will get you everywhere. Think tall, be proud, feel beautiful, and most importantly work your strut like the superstar you are.



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