The top 5 pros of travelling solo

By Ellyn Peratikou

The travelling lifestyle is progressively growing, whether it is to temporarily abandon the drudgery of your day to day life and unwind or to create an exciting adventure after you graduate, more and more people are considering hitting the road. Travelling may seem like a generic and obvious thing to do that takes residence on most people’s bucket list, yet each traveller has their own unique individual needs. Going it alone comes with the stigma that you’re lonely and have no-one to go with, fortunately this cliche is gradually lifting. 

For these people who still need that security of another person, choosing who you go with normally goes without saying. Whether you’re sat with your partner collectively pre planning which romantic cafe to visit in Paris, or you and your best friend get excited over the copious amounts of designer shops you can spend hours sauntering around in New York. The sudden spontaneous idea of going travelling is almost always suggested with someone you are very close to, as you both share the same desire to experience similar ventures and visit similar attractions.

Sadly, the idea of travelling six months with this person is better than the reality, despite thinking you and that other person are ‘two peas in a pod’ you will never agree on everything. So before you vocalise the some what common sentence ‘lets go travelling together!’ Think wisely and seriously consider the idea of travelling solo. Below is some advice on how travelling solo can be a lot more enjoyable than you initially think.

1. Journey of Self discovery.

Being on your own will open you up to new opportunities that you would never normally consider, you are out of your comfort zone and ready to jump into any new experience that comes your way. In the process you will learn things about yourself as you won’t feel inhibited by your best friend judging you, or your partner laughing at your sudden desire to do crotchet with the locals in Paris. Maybe it’s time out and self exploration that you need, not someone nagging you or holding you back.

2. Hobbies old and new.

Instead of just taking the occasional snap, if you enjoy photography why not fully indulge yourself in a project, if your’e a creative person focus on a particular idea and run with it, whether you walk around the cities with a sketch book and pencil, a camera, spend hours walking around unique art galleries or join in on some new and exciting cultural activities, this all requires time. Unfortunately your travel buddy may not want to participate in your hobbies, with busy schedules time isn’t always on your side at home to maintain your hobbies, so if you don’t want your travel activities to be hindered, it’s time to go it alone!

3. Your trip, your rules.

When travelling, time and money are two things that are limited and need to be organised and pre planned. If you’re a night owl and prefer to have lie ins and explore the city later at night but your friend is howling in your ear at 7am wanting to head the the Louvre before the queues, you are going to feel obliged to abandon your needs to make the other person happy. Being by yourself means you don’t have to answer to anyone which also means you will meet other like minds on the way.

4. Become an international socialite.

This one is aimed predominately at couples, because however friendly and approachable you both look, people think you’re set, you have your travel buddy and you want to be left to it. If that is the case then that works out pretty well, but if you went hoping to mingle, party and make international friends then you’ll end up feeling so restricted, especially if your partner is treating the trip as a couples getaway! Travelling alone gives you the guilt free freedom to create some cool new contacts!

5. Absorbency of your surroundings. 

When you aren’t alone, however much you deny it, you get so caught up in conversation that you tend to adopt tunnel vision. You are there but not fully appreciating the environment your’e in, the smells, sounds and atmosphere. Going solo will encourage you, and essentially force you to enjoy your surroundings and fully submerge yourself in the culture and lifestyle.

About the author. 

Stephanie Long – writer at EMP Media



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