Tummy toning yoga

By Pippa Thompson

Get yourself moving this month with some gentle twisting poses to target the abdominal organs. Twists increase flexibility, increase blood flow to the abdomen and help stimulate digestion, leaving you feeling more energised. Try the following for starters:

Lying twistScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.25.08
Lie on your back and hug your knees to your chest. Taking your arms out to the sides at shoulder height, exhale and allow your knees to float down to your right. You can stay with a neutral neck or, if it feels comfortable, look to your left. You can also take right hand to your left thigh to allow its weight to ground your left leg. For a deeper twist, straighten your lower leg. Rest here for five deep breaths, then repeat on the other side.





Seated twistScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.24.29
Sit with your legs in front of you, ensuring your pelvis is in neutral. Bend your left knee and place your foot hip-distance from your right knee or thigh. On an inhale, raise your right arm then exhale as you place your elbow on the outside of your left knee. Alternatively, simply wrap your arm around the outside of your knee. Rest the fingertips of your left hand behind you, then inhale as you length your spine and exhale as you twist gently to your left, looking over your left shoulder if this is comfortable. Continue lengthening as you inhale and twisting as you exhale. Return to the centre on an exhale and repeat on the other side.



Chair twistScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.24.57
With your feet together or hip-width apart (whichever is more comfortable), take a deep breath in and, as you exhale, slowly bend your knees and lower into chair pose. Place your hands together in front of your chest and, on an inhale, lengthen through your spine and exhale to twist to the right, taking your left elbow outside your right thigh. Pause for a couple of breaths, keeping your spine long and engaging your abdomen to support your lower back. Inhale back to the centre and repeat on the other side.


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