What do you call yours?

By at home

Prudes, avert your eyes now! We’re revealing the most popular names that the ladies and gentlemen of Britain use to refer to their private parts…

Girls, what do you call your bits?! Earlier this year, Mooncup, silicone menstrual cup manufacturers, launched their Love Your Vagina campaign to find out what the ladies of Britain lovingly call their lady gardens, fru frus or coochies – even Amy Winehouse got involved by announcing ‘va je jew’  as her vagina’s pet name! The campaign was all about promoting the Mooncup, a a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads.

Brace yourself girls, because we’re take a peek at the most imaginative nicknames that the ladies of Britain have given their privates…

  1. Vulvasaur
  2. Tunnel of love
  3. Poontag
  4. Honey trap
  5. Lady cake
  6. The downtown dining and entertainment district
  7. Va jay jay
  8. Fanjita
  9. The magical V
  10. Foof
  11. Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  12. The maneater
  13. Vagizzle
  14. Man’s best friend
  15. Scrambled eggs between the legs
  16. Margaret Thatcher
  17. Passage of passion
  18. James Blunt
  19. Vagina fairy
  20. Mrs Ginger Bigglesworth

To get involved, just go to www.loveyourvagina.com.

Guys, what do you call your manhood? Lloydspharmacy has launched a new interactive map, www.icallmine.co.uk, to find out what fellas around the UK call their tackles, todgers and schlongs. With many men too embarrassed or reluctant to visit their GP about an issue ‘down below’, this new campaign is designed to get men talking. Research has showed that of men who’ve seen a doctor about a problem with their privates, 42% have delayed their visit – and when they do finally go, nearly half (47%) are excruciatingly embarrassed about it. Worryingly, more than one in ten (12%) of UK males have avoided seeing their GP altogether.

Dr Thom Van Every, at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor, said: "Whilst men are willing to tell us what they call their bits anonymously in a poll, they find it much more difficult to talk to medical professionals about intimate concerns. Our research shows that many men have delayed going to their GP about a private problem and some have shelved it altogether which is worrying if it means conditions are going undiagnosed and untreated."

Boys, we think it’s high about time you got talking! And to give you a bit of a laugh, at home are showing you 20 of the funniest nicknames men use to refer to their bits…

  1. Schlong
  2. Wang
  3. Tallywacker
  4. Womb broom
  5. Hooded banded
  6. Mick Hucknall
  7. Gandalf
  8. Sperm taxi
  9. Truncheon
  10. The destroyer
  11. Wiggly waddler
  12. Old fella
  13. Tummy banana
  14. Nelson’s column
  15. Love muscle
  16. Pocket rocket
  17. Tackleberry
  18. Crown jewels
  19. The beast
  20. Custard cannon

To use the map, simply visit www.icallmine.co.uk, enter your name, where you are from and what word you use to describe yours!

If you want to talk about a problem ‘down there’ in confidence, just visit www.lloydspharmacy.com/doctor.

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