What’s in Gillian’s fridge?

By at home

You can usually find Gillian going through other people’s fridges but what does she keep in hers?

Where do you buy your food?
All over the place! I love going to markets and I’ll often pop down to Planet Organic, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Fresh & Wild – generally, I find what I’m after in most health food shops.
Any vices?
Years ago, I had them all. I didn’t eat well and certainly wasn’t always healthy. But I’ve been there and done it and am totally living the life now. Nothing could convince me to go back.

What’s your fave meal to cook?
I do a mean Aduki Bean Bake that tastes really sweet. My children love my Sheperdess Pie and Chickpea Burgers. There’s so much choice – my advice would
be to experiment.

What do you usually drink?
I’m a big fan of fruit and veggie smoothies. If you can make your own, that’s great but if you can’t then try and pick one up from a juice bar or a health shop – it’s a brilliant and easy way to get one of your five-a-day portions.

Is there anything you never eat?
I’m not a big meat eater – lamb, beef, most red meats are a complete no-no. If I want desserts or puddings, I just make my own healthy versions. I make a great jelly – from seaweed! And instead of foods like crisps, I’ll have baked sweet potato slices or beetroot crisps instead – beetroot is just bursting with nutrients!

What does a typical day’s food intake mean for you?
I always have a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon on rising. It’s great for the digestive system. For breakfast it’s porridge or quinoa followed by a fruit-filled smoothie packed with my Living Energy Powder. which keeps me going until lunchtime when I’ll tuck into a lentil salad or a tofu veggie stir-fry. I tend to snack on grapes or nuts and seeds. And dinner will be fish or vegetables – something the whole family can enjoy!

Clear out the junk and get healthy!

Here’s Gillian’s top fridge foods for a healthy diet:

Top shelf: Eggs, Kale, Salmon fillets, Brown rice, Broccoli
Second shelf: Runner beans, Mixture of seasonal berries, Cranberries
Third shelf: Green beans, Live yoghurt, Carrots, Tofu, Veggie paté, Hummus
Bottom shelf: Peaches, Green cabbage, Mixed seeds
Door: Fresh fruit juices and smoothies

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