Which duvet is right for you?

By Pippa Thompson

If you make a quick search on the internet for a new duvet you might feel over-whelmed by all of the choices available. To guide you in the right direction there are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Like most things in life you will get what you pay for, so try to invest in the best that you can afford.
  • Cheaper bedding can be detrimental to the quality and length of your sleep, affecting your mood and performance the following morning. Break the cycle!
  • Choose a duvet that is going to last rather than a one year wonder.
  • Call the various duvet companies and ask them about their refund/exchange policy – the higher quality companies will be prepared to help you, especially if you are buying online. They should also be able to advise you on what will suit you best.


Positives: They are cheap and cheerful whilst having the convenience of being machine washable.

Negatives: Can cause night sweats and clammy sleep disruption as the material can’t breathe. Also, they are not flame retardant or as warm as natural materials.



Positives: They are natural fibres providing warmth and comfort. Mostly, they are machine washable.

Negatives: They can be expensive to buy. The down deteriorates after time to a protein dust, so they won’t last forever. Feathers can cause some people with an allergy breathing difficulties, whilst also attracting dust mites so care must be taken with their laundering. Feathers can clump in the duvet causing hot and cold spots. It should be noted that the collection of feathers from the bird is not yet free from animal cruelty.


Positives: A hypo-allergenic fibre which is very warm and light. It won’t attract dust mites or induce sweating since the wool can breathe. Wool lasts a life time and provides consistent warmth. It is a sustainable material, collected without animal cruelty and is naturally flame retardant.

Negatives: Some wool products are dry clean only, and will be more expensive than synthetics.

For more information visit: http://www.southdownduvets.com

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About the author

Jessica Cross is a farmer in Hampshire, raising pedigreed Southdown sheep – an ancient and much-loved breed whose wool is ideal for making luxury bedding.  Jessica is responsible for the entire production process right from lambing her ewes to dealing with each and every customer. Her business, Southdown Duvets, acknowledges that everyone’s sleep requirements are unique and there is always a solution to a bedding problem. Not surprising that she has become known as the ‘Duvet Lady’.

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