Women talk ‘for over a third of their waking hours’

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talkwomanFrom gossiping with our girlfriends to chatting in the office with our work colleagues, there’s no denying that us ladies certainly love a good chin-wag. And new research has revealed just how much we enjoy talking, with the average women chatting for nearly five hours of every day…

Regardless of whether they are at home or at work, women admit to nattering for an average of 298 minutes a day – that’s over a third of their waking hours spent exercising their vocal chords.

While most women like chatting to their friends, partner or co-workers, 40% say they enjoy striking up conversation with strangers too.

The most popular of topics of conversation are shopping, diet and exercise, what they would do with a lottery win and health worries.

Other hot subjects included food, who’s seeing who, other people’s relationship problems, children and the latest soap storylines.

Steve Barton from FirstCape Cafe Collection, which commissioned the survey, said: “Woman are renowned for their ability to chat and I think I speak on behalf of men everywhere when I say I’ve always been fascinated by what they find to talk about when they get together with the girls over a glass of wine. It’s interesting to see a list like this detailing exactly what topics women actually end up talking about that generate that level of buzz, energy and excitement -I never would have guessed food would have been such a hot topic! I must say I’m pleased to see complaining about their partners is at the bottom of their list, though.”

While friends, partners and mums are the people women love chatting to most, the average female spends 17 minutes nattering before they get to work, while those with friendly neighbours spend nearly half an hour a week having a gossip and a moan with them.

Let’s discuss – are you renowned for being a bit of a chatterbox? Are you surprised at the amount of time women spend talking every day? Tell us in the comments below, send us a Tweet or post a message on our Facebook wall!

 Image: JANO/DPA/Press Association Images

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