Would you kiss on the first date?

By Ellyn Peratikou

Dating can be a horrific experience for some. Along with first date nerves comes the uncertainty of whether you should wear a skirt or trousers, order the spaghetti or the salad, and repeatedly going over exciting topics in your head, just in case your conversation dries out. But have you ever thought about what you’d do once the date is over?

A recent survey by online dating website MySingleFriend.com to celebrate National Kissing Day (20th June), has revealed that a whopping 88% of us would kiss on the first date!
•    Men were found to be most likely to go in for the kill, with only 5% of male respondents stating that they would never kiss on a first encounter.
•    Nearly three times as many women (13%) said a first date kiss was out of the question.
•    Almost twice as many men (11%) as women (6%) said they regularly kiss on the first date suggesting the fairer sex were more restrained when it came to first date smooches.
•    However, it seems that the female of the species has much more confidence when it comes to making the first move online, with 79% of female admitting that they would not have a problem making the first move on a dating site.
•    National Kissing Day is a UK awareness campaign taking place on Thursday 20th June 2013.

At Home’s guest editor and founder of MySingleFriend.com, Sarah Beeny says: Headshot Green 2

 “Attitudes to dating and first date kisses have changed in recent years.   We are starting to shake off that stigma that can sometimes be attached to ‘making the first move’. It’s great to see that both men and women are growing alike in confidence, and becoming more open about the dating scene.”

Sarah continued:

“We are slowly shaking off that cringe factor, which is exactly what MySingleFriend is all about. No painful profile writing, endless sign-up pages and extortionate fees. As all your friends are linked on the site, singles can check out who knows who, giving you a much better picture of the person you might be dating. Your friend can recommend singles for you to date too, much amusement for the meddling matchmaker! Why not give it a go?

Would you kiss on the first date?


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