When people ask me how they can be healthier, I tell them it’s all about making small changes.

Many of us do too much too quickly or too dramatically, such as giving up booze altogether, stopping smoking and promising to go to the gym every day. These expectations are unrealistic and when you start to fail as you’ve set yourself nigh-on impossible goals, you’ll give up.

It’s much better to make very small changes, such as drinking one less glass of wine a week or cutting out biscuits, and sticking to it.

I’m also a huge fan of talking therapy. And not just with an expert or your doctor, but with friends and family.

Too many people struggle on alone, trying to cope with chronic illness, anxiety or depression. Just the simple act of sharing your concerns or health condition will help to relieve the mental burden, and often has a beneficial effect on your physical prognosis, too.

The connection between our minds and bodies has been proven and it’s important to focus on people as a whole. Don’t just treat physical symptoms, look after your mind, body and soul. Take time to switch off – your phone, your tablet, your computer – and just do nothing.

Enjoy this issue, and I hope it helps you to achieve better health.

Dr Christian

Dr Christian Jessen
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