Most people hate getting sick. Sure, there are some benefits (back-to-back box set, anyone?) but for the most part, being under the weather is a complete pain in the proverbial. But there are ways to help stave off illness before it takes hold. Taking care of your health and fitness levels all year round can boost your immune system, which means you’ll get ill less, and recover more quickly if you do succumb to dreaded colds and flu.

In this magazine, we’ve packed in lots of advice to help you keep on top of your health. From eating well, to steps you can take to prevent serious illness, you’ll find everything you need to live a happy, healthy life. Check out our section on bones and joints (from pg 200), and our eye health special (from pg 123), about caring for your vision. Plus read our inspiring real-life stories on living with diabetes, (pg 82) and surviving breast cancer – twice (pg 194).

We’ve included reports on two important health issues: obesity (pg 75) and antibiotic resistance (pg 70). Both of these pose potential crises for the UK population, so do what you can to reduce the risks.

Our fabulous guest editor, Dr Christian Jessen, is an inspirational health ambassador, proving that medical matters don’t have to be scary, or embarrassing, and nothing should be taboo. Talking about health problems are the first step towards resolving them.

Good health to you all.

Rashmi Madan, Editor

Dr Christian Jessen
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