Now, more than ever, this country needs to start addressing the health concerns that are costing lives. Overcrowded hospitals, a lack of secondary care and poorly educated children are just three matters I’d like to see improved. And I believe time – as well as knowledge – is the key.

That’s why I edit this magazine and why I keep doing my TV work – to reach a wider audience and educate the public properly. You can’t do much in a 10-minute consultation!

Because of that, my new show Dr Christian Will See You Now (on TV in March) has taken a different format than my previous programmes. I get the patients’ partners and family involved in order to reveal the root of the problem. The consultations are unrestricted.

More often than not, symptoms go deeper on a psychological level, and the beauty is we can help them if only we had the time. I’m so pleased with how the show went, it’s amazed me – and I hope you like it, too.

In this, my seventh issue of Ask The Doctor, we’ve covered everything from serious health symptoms you should never ignore to the breakthroughs in cancer treatments, and how
to achieve that perfect smile.

Until next time, have a happy and healthy year. Enjoy the read!

Dr Christian

Dr Christian Jessen
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