Everyone’s getting a little older, but why should that stop us doing what we love? Age is no object. I’m 76, but I try not to think about the number and I don’t intend to stop working any time soon. I love what I do and sitting around all day without a job fills me with dread. My time is taken up with Rip Off Britain – we did a number of live shows this year as well as Rip Off Food and Rip Off Holidays. I also do Loose Women, plus other jobs such as running my daughter’s foundation.

In this issue we speak to three ladies who share this pioneering outlook (pg 67). Eddie, 73, is Britain’s oldest female Ironman competitor, Christine, 69, joined a ballet class, and Susan trained as life coach in her 60s. These women, as well as many others in the world, are inspirational – my age group can certainly teach the youngsters a thing or two!

That goes for fashion and style, too. I’ve included an interview with hat designer Vivien Sheriff (pg 46), who gives tips on how to wear hats well. I loved modelling them for this magazine – they’re beautiful, to me they’re like pieces of art.

I also talk about being the victim of a £120,000 scam – I honestly felt violated by it all. It’s opened my eyes to how clever these fraudsters are – and it’s such a pity they target the older generation. Some scammers will knock on your door to tell you something’s wrong with your property, claim they’ll fix it and, before you know it, they’ve taken your savings! So, please be on your guard.

Enjoy the issue and have a wonderful autumn.

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Gloria Hunniford
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