This past year has been a very hectic time for me as I’ve spent many hours travelling across America helping families in need and trying to solve their problems. I’ve especially enjoyed attending live events and offering advice to struggling parents on their kids’ behaviour, because doing this in a public environment helps many other families who are facing the same issues.

As well as writing a book, I have been planning some new TV shows which will come to the UK later this year!.

One thing I’ve discovered working with a diverse range of families, both in America and the UK, is that we are all concerned with similar issues – our children’s mental health, cyber-bullying and the over-use of technology are huge areas of concern everywhere.

So, with summer here, now is a good time to try to encourage your kids to get outside and enjoy some fresh air away from their gadgets. Organise some family activities together, which are a great way to connect without using social media.
There is nothing more important than creating real-life happy family memories!

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