With the country’s surprise decision to exit the European Union, it may have been a tumultuous year politically, but property wise, as yet, I haven’t seen a big drop from homeowners who use my website Tepilo.com to buy and sell their property.

I don’t think it will affect the market that much. People always need to move and life goes on, whatever our politicians might think!

In this autumn issue of the magazine, we cover the growing trend of renting and how young people may never be able to buy because they are being priced out of the housing market. I’m not against renting if I’m honest, most of Europe rents and it is the UK that is obsessed with buying property, but things do need to change to make renting more attractive long-term.

I’ve had a busy year business wise and building a basement in my London property, a project that saw me frantically learning about basement waterproofing on the hoof! Read our A-Z Of Home Renovations on pg 217 some great tips for your house change.

Enjoy the issue,

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Sarah Beeny
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