Welcome to the spring issue of at home with Sarah Beeny . This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about improving where you live, whether that’s by decorating, extending or even building your own home from scratch.
In this magazine, we have a wealth of information on how home improvements can add value to your property, as well as how to go green when it comes to updating your home. From the flooring and heating that will work best in each room, to what’s hot in interiors right now, we’ve got it covered.
You can also take a look at other readers’ home makeovers for ideas and tips on how
to make your own home look stylish and new.
For me, at the tail end of a refurbishment and extension to our London home, it’s been a few months of chaos, but now it’s all coming together. I’m so excited about having more space in the place that the whole family loves to call home.Enjoy!

Sarah Beeny


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