Coming home is a feeling I relish after a long week at work. For me, home is somewhere to relax and snuggle up with my dog and significant other, surrounded by the things I love. And after chatting with our guest ed, Sarah
Beeny, it’s obvious that I’m not the only one passionate about my pad – she believes we’re a nation of DIYers, renovators and improvers. On a tour of her latest renovation projects, including a family basement (pg 222) and a gold bathroom (pg 170), she proves that homes are not just roofs over our heads. They are a reflection of us, and what we are passionate about. I’m currently deciding what paint colours I’ll try next on my walls (currently dark grey), but what would it take to turn your house into your ideal home? Maybe more space, or a new kitchen or bathroom? We’ve got it covered in this issue, with advice on kitchen planning, bathroom makeovers, loft conversions and other ways to add value to your home, plus practical advice on getting your home prepared for winter.

And for inspiration, look no further than We can’t believe it (pg 200) to meet the people who created their ideal home by building it. But creating your dream abode shouldn’t cost the earth, so we’ve created a 60-page free guide to green living, packed with tips to help you save money and energy. Buy less stuff, reuse more, and spend wisely to create your unique happy place.

Kia Hansen, Associate Editor


Sarah Beeny
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