Welcome to this new magazine, Dr Hilary Jones’ Healthcare guide – I hope you find it an interesting and useful read. Interesting, because of the health matters we’ve covered; everything from exercise – something I consider key to good health – to dentistry; plus the ongoing topical issue of obesity, a health epidemic we need to tackle fast; and useful, because in our special Choose Your Consultant section, starting on pg 27, you can meet a huge range of specialists, all of whom work in your local area, and consult in a range of different health disciplines, from cardiology to urology. This section is a really invaluable guide to help you find a suitable consultant, if and when you need one. Lately, I’ve been helping to highlight the awareness of organ donation for ITV’s From The Heart campaign. We’re encouraging viewers to join the Organ Donor Register, and to talk to their loved ones about their wishes. We even got the cast of the ITV1 soap, Emmerdale, involved – with a live broadcast from The Woolpack! While we’re in the midst of spring, I hope you and your family stay fit, well and happy now and in the future.

Dr Hilary

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Our health is precious. We all know it, but most of us are guilty of taking it for granted – until something goes wrong, that is. It often takes a wake-up call for us to stop and take stock. It’s a cliché, but listening to your body is vital – what it needs is regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet, plus relaxation and sleep. When I met our guest editor, Dr Hilary Jones, he looked the picture of health – another cliché, I realise, but he was relaxed telling me about a holiday he’d been on (where he’d eaten a healthy Mediterranean diet; his diet of choice year-round) and looking slim and trim, a result of taking regular exercise – squash is a particular favourite of his, as is running. He firmly advocates exercise as our greatest insurance policy for long-term, good health, and believes we should all incorporate the ethos of a holiday (rest, good sleep, fresh air) into our daily lives. In the following pages you’ll fi nd advice not only on health and well-being but an invaluable section featuring leading consultants in your area, in medical specialties from cancer and cosmetic surgery to obstetrics, orthopaedics and more. So, if the time comes when you do need medical treatment, you’ll know where to find some of the best specialists available in your region. There’s also a reader section where your own burning health questions are expertly answered by Dr Hilary. Whatever life stage you’re at, it’s important to understand every part of your body and treat it with a little TLC. I trust this magazine will help you to do just that – and I hope the rest of 2013 is a fit and healthy time for you and your family!

Editor, Jo Willacy

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Dr Hilary Jones
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