This year, I’ve been clocking up thousands of miles on the road as I’ve gone mobile in the US. I’ve been touring the country meeting families for my latest TV show Nanny On Tour, solving problems and issues that affect so many parents. Challenging, yes, but I’m so happy that I can help families find alternative ways to parent if their current approach isn’t working.

I find that wherever I am in the world, similar parenting themes repeatedly crop up, including how technology, and in particular social media, is stopping families from communicating with each other, leaving children feeling lonely and isolated.

In this issue of Parenting with Jo Frost we cover this very modern day phenomenon (pg 230). One simple way to get out of this rut could be to practice mindfulness (pg 260), a tool that can take you and your children out of your stressful days to concentrate on the moment, something we all need to do to cope with our hectic time-poor lives.

With pregnancy advice, kid’s fashion, weaning tips, children’s health issues and advice on raising tweens, this issue has something for everyone.

Enjoy the summer and help make happy memories for your children.


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Jo Frost
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