Being a parent can be exhausting, so if you’re feeling in need of a break, why not book a night or two at a brand new breed of hotel that combines a spa and childcare? While spas have become essential in most hotels, it’s only recently they’ve begun to cater for tired, stressed-out parents.
Spas are a great way to have fun and spend time together as a family. Kids love nothing more than splashing around in a pool, and at a quiet adult spa they are not always welcome. But now spas are embracing the new relaxation trend of chilling with children and have set up crèches, while others go a step further to offer child-friendly treatments for all age groups.

Something for everyone

Moody teenagers are also catered for at the new family resorts. As they start to take an interest in their appearance, treatments can help them feel more comfortable with their changing body. Procedures that cleanse the face and help rebalance the pH levels minimise teenage skin problems such as oily skin and spots.
If you want a chance to escape from childcare for a few hours, opt for spas with a crèche or children’s club. Many spas are starting to recognise the benefits of providing nannies and childminders, a well-equipped play area and activities for older children, as well as gyms and beauty treatment rooms for adults.
Day nurseries and crèches often include indoor pools, swimming lessons, outdoor play areas and fun, organised activities. For older children, entertainment areas at spas offer PlayStations, mini cinemas and arts and crafts sessions, leaving you and your partner free to indulge in some child-free pampering.

Dipping your toes in

It’s never too soon to experience a spa. If you’re feeling tired after the first few months of parenthood and need a relaxing spa break, bring your baby along to enjoy the health benefits of a delicate massage. It’s a great way for new mums to pick up the techniques themselves, which will relax and reassure new babies. Baby massage can also bring relief to conditions related to circulation and breathing issues, and even soothe troublesome colic.
Specially designed facilities mean children can enjoy pampering baths and gentle massages, and treatments often use natural ingredients, so they are kind to delicate, young skin. Girls will relish the opportunity to be pampered like a princess by having their make-up and hair styled by a professional, and some spas offer mother and daughter packages, so you can enjoy tailored treatments together. Many spas also have family friendly zones, where children can play safely in the knowledge that mum and dad are close at hand.

Explore Europe

If you fancy more than a weekend away in the UK and want your kids with you, book a spa break for the family in Europe. Younger ones will have a great time, while you get to indulge in some much-needed chill time on a spa break abroad.

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