“Wow. I should have done this a long time ago!”

This is a common reaction from The Dermatography Clinic’s clients. Expert semi permanent make-up artist Rene’e Cleovoulou used to be in the bridal industry, and has seen more tears of joy in the moment her clients see their new eyebrows, than in the moment a bride has found her perfect dress. This feeling is even so much more intense for those clients suffering with Alopecia.

Many people find it difficult to go out completely barefaced in public. Imagine how it would feel to not wear any eyebrows, or to not have any hair. Not having eyebrows can make the face look irregular – people who have them really don’t realise how lucky they are.

To make things harder, Alopecia can be totally unpredictable. This means that things could be fine for most of your life, and then suddenly and without notice, your hair is gone. No time to prepare or research what to do. What would you do? Unfortunately, desperation can drive people to make some risky choices and not choose treatments with care.

Losing your hair can be devastating, and can take a lot of courage to deal with. Many will shy away, suffering in silence, even withdrawing from social activities. A young lady shares this anxiety, “ I was doing okay until I saw an old friend of mine. I hadn’t seen him since before it happened, he immediately noticed and said, looking shocked, ‘Oh my god Lucy, where are your eyebrows?’. This got to me.”

You don’t need to suffer alone, there are things you can do, and The Dermatography Clinic can offer advice on various options that are available.

Semi permanent make-up can be so much more than a beauty treatment. With clients suffering from Alopecia, Cancer, or conditions like Tricnomania, The Dermatography Clinic provides an aesthetic service that is much more than skin deep.

Alopecia is a hair loss condition requiring exhausting steroid  treatment and medication. Semi Permanent make-up is not a cure. However it is a quick and easy management treatment to help those suffering to feel themselves again. It can take some of the effort and worry away,  from not having to apply extra make-up everyday. It can make daily life a little easier, and the results are convincingly realistic. Your eyebrows can be restored, and it’s one less thing to worry about.

Semi permanent make-up (also known as micro-pigmentation) can also be applied to the scalp. Pigment is implanted gently into the top layers of skin to add coverage, lasting one to three years. This could be a great treatment for those who need to apply colour sprays or make-up to the scalp on a regular basis.



About the author:

Rene’e Cleovoulou specialises in advanced permanent cosmetics at The Dermatography Clinic. Rene’e takes great pride in producing beautiful, natural, long-lasting results. After care is key in her work, and maintaining quality of service post treatment.

After seven years of experience, and extra advanced training in semi permanent cosmetics, it gives Rene’e great satisfaction to be able to provide beautiful new natural eyebrows. She thoroughly enjoys the process of restoring her client’s confidence.

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